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Lost Below; The Southwest's Most Intriguing shipwrecks, Sunken Aircraft, Submerged Ruins and Undersea Treasures.


Lost Below, by David Finnern is a new book featuring the Southwest’s most intriguing shipwrecks, sunken aircraft, submerged ruins and undersea treasures.   It features stories about local shipwrecks and various underwater plane wrecks.   Steamers and river ports of the Colorado are included, including an expedition to the forgotten site of Port Isabel at the mouth of the Colorado River in Mexico.


David Finnern is an award winning author with hundreds of articles in Skin Diver, Immersed, Western and Eastern Treasures, California Diving News, Underwater USA, and others.  He is a former president of the Adventurers’ Club of Los Angeles, the California Wreck Divers and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. Lost Below is 108 pages long and features over 200 photographs of the most fascinating sunken historical treasures of the Southwest and true adventure of exploration and discovery. 


Pat Clyne's new book "THE  ATOCHA ODYSSEY" is a MUST READ.  I could not put it down. It tells the story of a mans dream to find treasure and how he took his family on that journey.  It tells of the hardships and how the shipwreck would just keep teasing, giving up little treasures for years, the loss of family and a friend, then to find the treasure mother lode on the exact anniversary of their death.  It's a love story, the love of a wife and mother that keeps a family together during years of hard times.  It  tells about the battle with the government when they tried to steal it all away. This book has it all.  Lots of great  pictures. Pat Clyne takes you on the Fisher family adventure as only a Golden Crew Member could do. This book is a must read for anyone who loves an adventure.  The Atocha Odyssey is about 60 pages long and illustrated throughout with color underwater and archival photographs. New & SIGNED! $19.95

Wrecks and Reefs provides the diver and fisherman alike the answer to the question, "So where are all the wrecks?"  This book provides over 200 GPS coordinates for shipwrecks along the Southern California Coast and boasts "Whether you're a fisherman, a diver or a maritime history buff, Wrecks and Reefs is the most complete guide of Southern California submerged objects available today."

Wrecks and Reefs by Jeff Spira is 124 pages long and illustrated throughout with underwater and archival photographs. New $14.95

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Few Southern Californians realize that over 110 fishing barges dotted our coastline from San Diego to Santa Barbara and beyond for three quarters of a century.  Many of these barges sank and are now popular wreck sites, including the Star of Scotland, Georgia, Melrose, Olympic II, Elsie I, Ace One, Gratia, Lazy Daze and Sacramento.  The story of each barge, its previous trades under sail and steam, the barge industry, and the fishing of yesteryear are captured in Fishing Barges of California 1921-1998. 

Fishing Barges of California 1921-1998 by Ed Ries is 104 pages with over 260 illustrations and archival photographs. New $14.95

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California Shipwrecks is a "must have" book for every local wreck diver.  Pictures, stories and details about shipwrecks up and down the California coast are listed.  Even if you're not a wreck diver, the stories make fascinating reading.  Out of print for several years, CWD has purchased a few used copies in fair condition.

California Shipwrecks by Don Marshall is a hardbound book, 1782 pages in length. $25.00 used.

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The Encyclopedia of American Shipwrecks is a directory of shipwrecks lost of the rivers, lakes and coasts of the United States, listing the names of the vessels, details dates and locations of their loss.  A must have tool for the researcher.  Long out of print, CWD has purchased many used with varying conditions.

Encyclopedia of American Shipwrecks by Bruce D. Berman is a softbound book, 312 pages in length.  $25.00 used.

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