Foss 125

Other Names: Cleo Street Barge, ex-YC-470 Date of Sinking: November 17, 1958
Rig/Type: Barge (Scow) Cause of Sinking: Foundered
Length: 110.3' Breadth: 34' Tons: 438 Cargo: Gravel
Built: 1919 Chicago, Illonios Location: Laguna Beach
Hull Construction: Steel Depth: 55' Visibility: 20-30'


Built in 1919 in Chicago, Ill as the USN YC-470 (YC: open lighter), the barge came a long way through the Great Lakes and the Panama Canal, eventually ending up with Foss company of Seattle, WA.  On November 17, 1958 the Foss 125 was moored at Laguna, with a deck load of gravel  for the Griswold Construction Co, who are installing a new out fall sewer line for the City of Laguna.  A violent wind storm came up out of the South East, before the barge could be taken off the mooring and towed to a port of safety, she swamped and foundered at her mooring at Laguna Beach Calif.  (John T ______[?] Letter From Vessel File, National Archives, Pacific Southwest Region, courtesy of Robert Schwemmer.)

Diving the Foss 125

The Foss 125 is a neat wreck for several reasons:  She's one of few wrecks accessible from the beach; she lies in only 55', she's the only known shipwreck in South Orange County with tangible remains and she's quite picturesque.

Some of the knees remaining on the wreck. The corner with a pair of bitts.
One of the wrecks corners showing a tear in the deck. A diver examines the wreck.
A diver swims over the wreck. A garibaldi peers through a lightening hole.

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