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Other Names: Landing Craft Date of Sinking: Unknown
Rig/Type: LCM3 (Landing Craft) Cause of Sinking: Unknown
Length: 64' Breadth: 16' Tons: Cargo: Unknown
Built: Unknown Location: Redondo Beach
Hull Construction: Steel Depth: 55' Visibility: 15'

Nothing is known about the circumstances around the sinking of this vessel. It is sitting upright on the sand, ,with the landing door open. When first found, there were pieces of equipment (generator, small motor/pump) on the deck, indicating it was used as a workboat, perhaps used in the salvage of the Dominator.

Time is taking a toll on this wreck, as well as large fishing boat anchors. The sides are starting to cave in. There are lots of big fish around the site that contribute to making this a very interesting dive.


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